Monday, May 2, 2011

Gloss it Up

No matter how much shine you put on yourself, you will always know what you really look/act/think like.

Maybe instead of plastering ourselves with shiny cosmetics, us gals should work on what really matters--who we are on the inside.

I am frustrated that I am beginning to buy into the idea that to be happy, I have to do myself up. I'm beautiful inside and out, and I shouldn't feel like I have to paint myself to find happiness. How silly is that?

It's like me saying to you: Go roll in some acrylic rainbow paint and you'll find happiness. Uh...actually, that sounds like a lot of fun...

Anyway, bottom line: Make-up is fun. If you do it for fun, then congratulations. If, however, you do it because you think you have to wear it to be beautiful...then you should know that makeup does not create beauty. You do that every time you're nice to someone, or flash a smile.
Beauty is way more than skin deep. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is just shallow...and probably miserable themselves.

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